the little things, and the insanity…


I’m screaming, can you hear it?  I’m in a dark long corridor screaming at the top of my lungs.  Why can’t you hear me?  I’m screaming so loud that I can hear my heartbeat pounding along like an electric bass drum.  Are you sure you can’t hear it?  Why won’t the screaming stop, shouldn’t there be a pause to catch my breath, a moment to suck air into my tired lungs?  How long might this scream last – a minute, a day, an eternity?  Will the scream cease suddenly as if it was never emitted or will it become a keening wail that transitions into a hoarse whimper?  I never really know until it ends.

Then a new day begins with hopeful sunlight and the dark screams retreat deep into their hiding place.  I hold onto the light, spreading what love and kindness I can into this crazy world.  Trying to be open and giving as much as possible, yet not asking for anything in return and doing as much as I can on my own.

Each day thankful for the next bright day that might come my way.  Praying that the sun will grace my life and make me stronger.  But at the same time, I am dreading the day when the darkness might appear again.


Time Suck Activated

So… I’ve been stuck in a time suck.  That period where nothing makes sense and before I know it, it has been years.  Lots of things have happened since I initially started this account.  But I need an outlet to throw down my crazy… therefore I will be a better blogger in the future.  I have lots of quirky, snarky and wonky stories to share into this void.  Not for anyone else, but for ME.


I love my mother!

I love my mother!




There are so many beginnings in life… I hope this blog will re-spark my creativity, help center myself in this ever-changing crazy world, and also give any readers a glimpse of my hilarious life lessons and memories.

Basically, I’ve been stagnant lately. My job is very fulfilling but it requires so much organization, event planning and specific attention to detail – that my creative side has suffered.  I feel like all the things that I loved about myself are starting to wither.  That just cannot happen! So this is my new beginning – to rediscover my creative self – to share the stories and laughter of the discoveries in process. 

I’m sure that there will be high moments, tender thoughts, incorrect grammar (gasp sorry), funny pictures, odd ramblings, and snort-worthy stories. So stay tuned.

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